3 SEO Tools For The Small Business

Search engine optimization is confusing and intimidating for many small businesses  today. This is expected because while small business owners realize tat seo can be beneficial to their business, they do not know how to get started with seo. Discover the 3 simple tools that small business owners can take advantage of to implement seo strategies. These tools are inexpensive and will give the newcomer to search engine optimization a crash course in the fundamentals of seo.

3 Top SEO Tools To Use Now

1.Use Google to your advantage

When doing research on your market, competitors and industry the first step is to go to the best source for cursory information. In order to get the big picture of your competition, there is no better source than the google search engine. If you wan to know who the main competition in your business space or industry is, type the keywords into Google and you get real-time market information.

Whatever the term is that you want customers,clients or patients to use when searching for your business, type these terms into search and you know instantly who your competitors are. To start with, search for your business name and see what appears on the first page. You may be surprised by what you see. Don’t be alarmed by the results unless all you see are bad reviews or dishonest information about your business. Unfortunately I have witnessed this type of thing quite often. But don’t fret, you have not started your seo campaigns yet.

Specific Google Tools:

Adwords: Search for the best terms tat describe your business and see their search volume.

Search Console: A tool designed for webmasters but is easy to use for most people who do not design websites. Get the search terms that searchers use to get to your site.

Analytics: Track how people find your site, the search terms and how viewers on your site navigate and engage with your site.

2. Screaming Frog SEO Tool

To begin seo you need a website audit. Find out what is broken and needs to be fixed. basically finding out what your site’s strengths and weaknesses are.  Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider Tool is a software that crawls your website, as Google will do to see what your site is about and how seo-friendly the site is.

Understand htat search engine optimization is like a language. Google understands the seo language very well and through optimizing your site you speak to the google search engine in a way it understands.

Screaming frog will identify and highlight broken links, server errors, slow page loading, duplicate content and pages that are blocked by search engine robots. The tool  also tells you what to improve upon such as page titles, meta descriptions, keyword density, alt tags and keyword use percentage.

Screaming frog is free to use for up to 500 urls to crawl which should be fine for smaller websites. If you have a larger site a paid license is needed so you can do an unlimited number of page crawls.

3. Woorank

WooRank is another tool that will let you know how well your site includes seo elements for ranking in the search engine results pages.  Woorank website seo review goes into great depth to analyze your website or specific pages you choose on your site. The software uses metrics such as SEO, social media(shares, likes,reviews), mobile optimization-which is becoming increasingly more important due to smartphones and iPads, usability interface and more.

Seek new and monitor backlinks, the search engine rankings of certain pages and other key ranking factors that improve and increase website performance. Woorank is a SAAS(software as a service) tool so no downloading of any kind needed. To check a single website is free and paid plans with advanced search and audit capabilities and unlimited reviews start at $49.99 a month.

Get started on your seo journey by taking a closer look at these tools and resources. I recommend using Google services as much as possible. You receive lots of valuable information from Google seo tools and it’s free, so what’s not to like. Once you have mastered or at least have become familiar with Google optimization and research tools, other tools will be easy to use.

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